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2014 IMA weighing policy for Mini Maxi World Championship
February 7, 2014 -

To all Mini Maxi owners:

The Officers of the IMA have approved a weighing policy for the Mini Maxi World Championship.

Mini Maxis intending to participate in the 2014 event in Porto Cervo now have the option of being weighed by an IMA approved measurer within 60 days of the close of registration (31 August, 2014).
Displacement values determined after 23 August, 2014 may not be used to amend an IRC certificate, and displacement values less than values indicated on the current certificate will deem the IRC certificate provided to the OA prior to 23 August invalid.
In the case of the Mini Maxi Racing category, a qualifying weighing session may be organized by the IMA technical office to be held in Palma at the STP shipyard prior to the Copa del Ray. The Palma weighing session is limited to boats that weigh less than 20 tons.

For boats that elect to be weighed within 60 days of the close of registration for the Mini Maxi Worlds, the following are the criteria and requirements to exercise that option:

1. The weighing must be conducted by an IMA approved measurer and be approved in advance by the IMA ATO.
2. The load cell to be used must be certified immediately in advance of the weighing itself and not used for any other purpose other than weighing the scheduled boat.
3. The load cell certification paperwork must be forwarded to the IMA ATO upon issuance for review.
4. A copy of the data input sheet forwarded to the IRC Rating Office must also be sent to the IMA ATO for review.
5. Boats weighed in advance of the Mini Maxi World Championship would still be subject to equipment inspection during the registration period prior to the event.
6. All Mini Maxis participating in the World Championship, including those that weigh more than 30 tons, will be required to be weighed under this new policy.

It is the IMA's intention to ask all boats to be weighed in advance of the World Championship, rather than during the inspection period just prior to the event as we have done in the past two years. If there is any problem for owners to comply with this new policy it is requested that the IMA ATO be notified well in advance so that additional assistance may be provided. Mini Maxis not participating in the World Championship may be required to be weighed at the discretion of the ATO.

For the weighing session in Palma prior to the Copa del Rey, boat owners will be asked to share the cost of the crane, shipyard services and the reprocessing of the IRC certificate. The IMA will pay for the measurers and load cell.

Since all Mini Maxi Racing category boats are equipped with a single point lift, we expect to weigh seven boats in a day. Boats shall present themselves in the water at the STP shipyard fuel dock at the scheduled weighing time. Once weighing is complete, in-the-water overhang measurements will be checked.

When and if a weighing session is scheduled in Palma, each boat electing to be weighed is requested to send an email to the ATO at   technical@internationalmaxiassociation.com with the boat name in the subject line, requesting the time period of the day that is most convenient for them. Priority will be given to the earliest emails. The ATO will then issue a schedule within a few days to each of the respondents.

The ATO will plan to be in Palma for the weighing session and will be available to resolve any outstanding issues. In Palma, the ATO may be contacted by mobile phone at +1 401 524 1335.

Pete Lawson 


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